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    • Arlene + Earlwyn | Same Day Edit

      We are absolutely and completely not lying when we say that we LOVE this job. Why? Because we get to work with people who are all sorts of in love with one another, and we love that they let us sh…

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    • Thanh + Happy | Same Day Edit

      Meet Thanh and Happy. Thanh feels exactly like a good friend of mine. Funny, sweet, caring and sincere. Happy, well, he totally rocks his name. He's a Harley Davidson riding (Harley's are awesome) …

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    • Hanh + Peter | Same Day Edit

      High school sweethearts... Just three little words but oh so special and heartwarming! Hanh and Peter have an enviable relationship with the type of closeness and intimacy that takes years to devel…

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    • Lynda + Daniel | Same Day Edit

      Rain? Who cares about a bit of rain when you're filming a wedding that is just fun, fun, fun??? We created a Same Day Edit for Lynda and Daniel yesterday and we had so much fun along the way! Th…

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